Sean Isaac Tng (Jayesslee, Jess Mauboy, XfactorAU and more)

  • been teaching for 4 years
  • placed top 3 in Aus
  • won state drumming competition
  • Working Session drummer
  • drummer for several Xfactor Artists
  • Drummer for Jayesslee
  • B Mus - Performance

come learn, hangout, play and have a blast doing it!

Having picked up his first pair of sticks at the age of three, Sean has been on the drum seat for many Artists and musicians on the large or small stage. from small live music venues, to Arenas, Stadiums and Theaters.

In his teen years, Seanisaac has won and appeared as a top 3 finalist in state wide and nation wide drum offs.
He has completed his bachelor of Music at the Australian International Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor in performance jazz. When not traveling, gigging, producing or recording, Sean spends his time as a drumming educator. Being a drumming educator is a huge part of Sean's life and skill set which he values highly as a professional. Since his emergence into the music scene, Sean has had the honor of working with some of highest calibur singer/song writers, Artists and Musicians in Australia. (check out affiliation) In addition, Sean is heavily involved with his church (Rock Worship Centre) band as he is the music and vocals leader and acts as Music director when rostered on. Currently, Sean is holding the seat for International pop stars and YouTube sensations Jayesslee and several acts and bands within Australia.

some of the names Sean has worked with include:

| Jayesslee | Kurt Hugo Schneider | David Andrew Trio | Jessica Mauboy | Tommy Emmanuel | Zorsy | Kuseah Lawton | Chase Atlantic | Bec Quinn | Briden Starr | Jessica Mauboy | Kristen Fletcher Trio | Kylie Fisher | Cat Vas | Sarah Liberman | Mike Ward | Logan's Laundry |

Sean proudly endorses DW Drums, Evans Drumheads, Promark Drumsticks and 64Audio

for lessons or bookings please Email at or send him a facebook message OR call up 0433 271 079

5 Bagala St
Glenwood, NSW
0433 271 079
Baulkham Hills, NSW
Travelling in the local area
Bella Vista, NSW
Travelling in the local area
0433 271 079


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