Cello lessons from an AMEB Licentiate Graduate

Styles Classical
Skill Level Advanced, received highest level of AMEB (AMEB Graduate)
Pricing $35 / 30min

I will use the teaching methodology used by my acclaimed teachers and parents where in my teaching will differ both for the individual's personal style and their skill level. For example, for a younger student with a new interest for the cello.

I'll begin lessons in an unorthodox manner taught to me by my acclaimed teachers. This is where the student does not begin playing notes on the instrument but I teach them the absolute foundational aspects of the cello such as bow hold, right posture, spike length, left hand strength, how to read music, how to read and interpret rhythm, phrasing and structure etc.

Through this process of strengthening their foundation, they will begin to learn pieces that demonstrate technical difficulties for the student to overcome. This furthers their foundation for the instrument where even if they choose to move onto a different instrument they can carry over their previous learnings and gain a head start over their peers.

For more intermediate cellists, depending on their ability, I will listen to how they play and more importantly watch how they play. I will teach according to their previously learned techniques and playing habits from previous teachers and strengthen and improve this technical skills.

When being a beginner and intermediate cellist, foundation is key to how they learn and perceive music in the future. Having an incredibly strong technical foundation and a strong perception of musical phrasing and style is completely beneficial towards their future in cello!

464 The Entrance Rd
464 The Entrance Rd
Erina Heights, NSW
0490 045 547

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Details last updated on August 30, 2019