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Sebastien Jego, originally from France is a highly accomplished Jazz Drummer. He has had over 20 years of experience performing and teaching all over the world.
He graduated with a Degree of excellence from the Drum School "Nadia et Gilles Touche", Aix-en-Provence, France, 1993-2004.

Sebastien has performed with various ensembles all over Europe, including Paris, Marseille, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and Turkey.
He has played alongside some of the jazz greats such as Nina Simone, Wayne Shorter and has played with the accomplished Italian musician Stefano di Battista.
Furthermore, Sebastien was the long-standing drummer for the group "Amelong" exploring Argentinian folklore with singer and composer Manuel Amelong.

Now based in Melbourne, Sebastien has played in various Jazz festivals including the Wangaratta Jazz festival, Port Fairy Jazz festival, Mornington Jazz festival and Castlemaine Jazz festival. He regularly plays at the prestigious Jazz venue "The Paris Cat" with a number of Jazz ensembles including the Agus Batara Quartet.

Although Jazz trained, he is versatile in his teaching approach and can teach many styles, from Rock to Pop to Funk to Reggae.
He teaches from his home studio along with his partner who offers singing and piano lessons. Sebastien is a passionate teacher and a life long musician. If you want a worldly, passionate and educated approach, he is your man, you might even pick up some French along the way!

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Manuel Amelong (Argentinian folk)

Agus Batara Quartet (Jazz)

Line matter (Jazz) tribute to Pat Matheny

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