Sharon Ellam

Welcome! :D

I'm Sharon Ellam, a Piano Teacher & Counsellor, working at Toronto NSW, Australia.

I teach ages 4 - 104 years. ;) Most of my students are children & young people, the rest are primarily retirees or semi-retirees. 1/3 to 1/2 of my students (children & adults) are preparing for an exam. Some won't sit the exam, however like to use the syllabus as a measure of their progress. I find fun ways to be just a little bit pedantic about the basics. We achieve excellence! ;)

I like to be flexible in my teaching. My philosophy is that music is about fun, relaxation, enjoyment & self-expression. We laugh a lot in sometimes shed a tear, especially with those teens or adults who experience the ecstasy of finally being able to learn that one piece of music that they've always loved. My little ones love to learn how to tell stories in music. Personally I find that a magical experience.

If you'd like to talk to me about exploring music for fun, relaxation, enjoyment, self-expression, a new challenge or being serious please feel free to contact me.

Take care,

Sharon :)

Details last updated: February 29, 2024