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Shaun Cooper

I am a 21-year-old male student, with 12 years drumming experience, professional equipment, an in depth rhythmic, musical understanding and band experience. I would predominantly consider myself a rock/progressive rock drummer.
I am looking to start teaching beginner drummers the basics of drum theory and technique, with emphasis on music reading and understanding. I will aim to develop skills that will allow students to grow their own style and feel.
This is a great opportunity for new/beginner drummers to grasp the basics of the drum set, and cultivate skills that will help them excel into more advanced and dynamic musicians.
I am currently in the process of creating my own drum lesson website, which includes material and exercises written by myself.
Students will gain an understanding and begin developing crucial skills in the following areas: – Proper Drumming Technique (Stick Grip, Bass Drum Foot Techniques, Drum Kit Setup/Tuning…) – Understanding Time, Note Values, Drum Notation and Tempo – Starting Out with Drum Rolls, Playing Fluently Between Quarter Notes, Triplets etc. – Applying Drum Rolls Around the Kit – Feet and Hand Fluency / Independence – Basic Rock Beat Development – Exploration of Different Drumming Styles. – Playing Along with A Track.
Depending on the student, there is the possibility of learning more advanced drum style and technique after completion of the topics above, these include linear drum beats and odd timings (not 4/4).
My aim is to prepare students for their journey as drummers. I will aspire to help students learn the basics of drumming (all/most drummers have in common) and give them the skills required to peruse bands or learn from other drum teachers.
Each student will be given a plastic folder to accompany the music sheets I will provide each lesson, to begin building a library of drum exercises.
I currently live in the Penrith area, and am available to come to you to teach. This way you become familiar with your own drum set and environment, with added convenience. The lessons are $40 per hour. This is considerably cheaper than other “more advanced” drum teachers, and as mentioned before, will teach beginners skills that are common amongst all drummers.
Please contact me via email at, so we can discuss the lessons and if my program is right for you or your child. You can listen to my single, released last year, here:

Penrith, NSW
Travelling in the local area


Details last updated on June 28, 2016