Sherry Music Academy蕭邦音樂教室 - 音樂博士研究暨交響樂團演奏家 @ Inner-West Suburbs

ღ 如果您正在積極幫孩子或是自己找一個懂音樂啟蒙,懂音樂教育,懂音樂演奏的鋼琴與提琴音樂學校,那麼恭喜您這裡絕對會是您的Right Music School - 鋼琴與弦樂團專家。
Sherry Music Academy一個實實在在於澳洲悉尼內西區Burwood, Concord ,Breakfast Point 用心耕耘音樂藝術的園地,25年國際教學經驗 - SMA專解音樂教養與音樂學習上的疑難雜症,熱心幫助各位爸比與媽咪如何正確用“音樂”來養兒育女,超過98% 私校鋼琴與小提琴學生在AMEB 和ABRSM考級,與學校音樂期末報告得到 A 或 A + 成績,教學重基礎,真誠歡迎悉尼的爸比&媽咪隨時短訊洽詢我們唷!
Phone By Appointment ONLY , Thank You !!
0430 122 198。


Sherry Music Academy offers tuition in Traditional/ Suzuki/ Dalcroze /Orff methods for Piano / Violin / String Ensemble / Music Eurythmic Mothers-kids Group .

♪ More than 98% of Piano and Violin students having AMEB /ABRSM exam, and Private School Music Academic Reports got an A or A+.
♪ Grand piano provided for lessons.
♪ Strong responsibilities and patience, 25 years teaching experience with NSW WWCC (Working With Children Check).
♪ Full Member of The Music Teachers' Association of NSW, Australia.
♪ Full Member of locals Philharmonic Orchestra.
♪ Fully professional background over 23 years. Doctoral of Musical Art Studies, Master of Music, Bachelor of Music, A.B.Mus

About Sherry Music Academy Specialize in:
♪ Developed a fun, focused, and creative learning environment and tailored lessons to each student's learning ability and individual interests, allowing each student to grow towards his or her full potential.
♪ Developed and maintained relationships with parents of students to discuss progress and practice habits.
♪ Taught students new Sight-Reading & Aural Skills, General Music Knowledge, demonstrating how to use a metronome, how to practice effectively resulting in improved organizational skills.
♪ Guided difficult students with low motivation accomplishing very positive results teaching delayed gratification and the joy of learning.
♪ Preparation for AMEB/ABRSM Exam, Audition for School Symphony Orchestra/String Ensemble/Chamber Music, Competition, Concerts, Leisure purposes.

Sherry Music Academy welcomes:
♪ Beginners to Professional from ages 4 – Adults age 88.
♪ Who are seeking professional & effective conservatory training.
♪ School located at Inner-West suburb, Burwood 2134.
(Since 2008)

Mobile: 0430 122 198

**Kindly Reminder: We do not answer calls during classes. Please send us a text for class enquiry. Thank You!

Crane St.
Concord, NSW
0430 122 198
Burwood, NSW
Travelling in the local area
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Strathfield, NSW
Travelling in the local area
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Croydon, NSW
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Eastwood, NSW
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Chatswood, NSW
Travelling in the local area
0430 122 198


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