Shine Music School

Ever wished you could play more on the piano than lame old Chopsticks; or strum more on the guitar than the power chords of Smoke on the Water? How about getting the kids off the TV and IPAD and actually learning something? Choose from singing, drums, guitar, piano, saxophone, clarinet or violin!

Shine Music School presents the following amazing teachers:

Shine Music school boasts amazing teachers, individual lessons, a wide teaching repertoire and performance opportunities. A range of musical styles are covered in the lessons, including popular, rock, classical and jazz.

Think you're a bit over the hill to turn out a tune? Think again. Shine Music caters for music students of all ages - and it’s never too late to try something new! Maybe you're a bit cynical about music lessons, having been forced to practice scales every night for an hour from the age of five. The Shine Music attitude is the belief that music is a powerful tool which can be enjoyed by all!

With trained university graduate teachers, you'll develop your skills in performance and improvisation in your instrument of choice. With a focus on one-on-one classes, at Shine Music you'll have lessons tailored specifically to your skill level, ensuring that your unique learning style is taken into account.

With an atmosphere of warmth and excitement, Shine Music fosters excellence in all things musical. All music students get the chance to participate in regularly scheduled concerts, performances, competitions and examinations. It's a great community to become a part of!

So warm up your fingers and vocal chords - and get ready to make some music! Just remember, practice makes perfect!

Details last updated on January 25, 2021