Piano Tuition, Music Theory for kids and adults

Styles Classical and Leisure piano lessons
Skill Level Young beginner to Advance
Suitability Ages 3 to 70 years
Pricing 30-40$ for 30 mins (Beginner until Advance)

She graduated from the Music Academy Tübingen, in Germany, where she obtained her degree as Bachelor of music pedagogic, a pianist and music teacher.

In Germany, she spent 5 years to learn directly from Prof. Jonathan Goenawan, as a founder of International Brain Academy, and ANTIM opened his schools in some countries in Asia, America, Europe and Australia.
With his scientific method of Snowman and Magic Dolphin, she teaches her students, especially from a very young age from 3 year old to adult new starter with the basic skill of Reading and Playing the music in easy and fun way.

She finds this method is very good basic to introduce Piano as one of the important music instrument, either to helps the children's brain works in networks thinking nor as a solid foundation to start any other instruments.
A parent founds the music method helps her son faster in reading in pre-school and excellent in Mathematics too.

She has some students starting with 3 year old and now they are teens and going to Scots College, Reddam and Sydney Grammar, they are very confident with their piano skill and ready to run with the second instruments ( Sax, Basoon and Violin) they built their skill in hearing and reading notes, and rhythm and found very easy to jump their second instrument to higher level in AMEB standard. And still excellent on their piano as their first instrument. Music also built their confident in Language and Mathematics.

She started to teach the piano since 1998, when she studied in Germany, when she moved to Sydney in 2008 and joined the International Brain Academy in Sydney. By then she has her own students and teaching in Double Bay School until now she is still teaching in Eastern suburb, before she moved to North West in August 2016 and will start her profession here in her new place.

To make a student become a Professional Pianist is not easy. However, to built a firm basic, that make the kids love their music and learning piano in fun way is more difficult, especially for young beginner. She has also some mild autism students that music helps them to cope with their emotions, built more concentration and communication skill in general.

The advantage to start music early is:
^As this Snowman method is easy to learn, teach the kids with lots of stories and fantasy, it is more interesting for them.
^The fingers are still flexible to play in right way.
^They still have lots of time to practise before school home works and other activities
^They can built up their skill until they are in year 5, reach at least Grade 5 AMEB for them to reach the lowest level required to apply school Music Scholarship.
^As they have the basic, become fast learner, they have time to learn second or third instruments and try which other instrument they like the most.

She is teaching piano for AMEB exams, Piano for leisure, Theory of Music and/or Musicianship.

Music is for good for all. It is never too early to start nor too late to begin. It is just a brain fitness in fun way.

10 Michael St
Schofields, NSW
0430 834 134

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Details last updated on November 23, 2018