Simeon Lato

  • B. Mus (Comp)

High-quality music lessons. You are guaranteed to be able to play a song from the first lesson!

$30 for half an hour, $50 for one hour. First lesson free.

Simeon has been teaching for 10 years at some of Melbourne’s top music schools, specialising in acoustic/electric guitar, bass guitar and piano/keyboard. He holds a Bachelor of Music Composition and is currently studying a Master of Teaching at Melbourne University.

Simeon prides himself on being able to motivate students by keeping lessons fun, fast-paced, challenging yet achievable. Lessons are tailored to each student with clear goals, certain skills to work on and a sense of purpose.

He believes that needing ‘talent’ to play music is a myth and has seen first-hand that the right guidance and a commitment to your or your child’s lessons are key to a successful musical training. Talent comes after.

Irvine Crescent
Brunswick West, VIC
0432 636 583


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