Singing Lessons

Styles Pop/Rock, Musical Theatre, and Classical
Skill Level Beginner to professional
Suitability Ages 5 years and up
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Certified level 2 vocal instructor for the Institute for Vocal Advancement (formally speech level singing).

Who is it for?
Simon caters for singers of any level. Many of Simon's students are complete beginners, but Simon also caters for advanced singers wanting to take their voice and performance to the next level. The vocal techniques Simon teaches can be utilised across all styles from rock/pop, musical theatre,and classical.

What’s the Technique?
Learn to sing in mix voice with an emphasis of improving vocal range without cracks or breaks, eliminating the squeeze that can make your voice tired or damaged and improving general quality of tone. This is accomplished using a proven system of exercises which balance airflow and vocal fold action whilst maintaining a resting larynx. Exercises are tailored each lesson helping students achieve a balanced and beautiful sounding voice. Through training, anyone can learn to sing the songs they enjoy with a nice sounding voice.

Our singing lesson structure
The first half of each session is allocated to exercises in order continuously improve your voice. Then, in the second half students sing songs of their choice. Students and are actively asked to record lessons to provide something to practice to at home.

Performance Coaching:
With many years of experience coaching vocalists as a musical director and accompanying singers as a professional accompanist, services are offered in preparation for those wanting to improve their quality of performance. Many singing find an obstacle when they start working with an instrument or band and may need help with timing, adding correct style and emotion to their music or even help in learning something from scratch.

Kids Singing Lessons
Music helps build a child’s confidence and is also proven to assist in their application to academic work as well. Simon can help children learn the fundamentals of music so they can develop their ear, learn theory and apply it to their vocalisation.

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Unit 2
3 Glover St
Heidelberg Heights, VIC
0413 306 994

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Details last updated on February 25, 2019