I have recently returned to singing lessons with Blackbird Vocals after about a year off (other commitments unfortunately got in the way). And I am SO PLEASED TO BE BACK. I feel my singing voice has returned to where it was, if not improved. I really enjoy every lesson. Lauren is awesome and so very knowledgeable, she chooses music & songs for me to sing that I would never think of (nor sometimes have heard of), so really opens my eyes to what works best with my voice and also educates me on music of all genres. All lessons are fun and informative, with great technical advice on technique, breathing, performance and more. So if you're interested in some new vocal training, Lauren and Blackbird Vocals is definitely the way to go. I can highly recommend.
PS I'm also starting some piano lessons with Lauren to expand my musical repertoire, yay!

- Megan G

I'm am ex-student of Blackbird vocals and was taught by Lauren for four years. I learned a lot about singing and playing piano from Lauren, as she is an extremely dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who creates a comfortable and professional environment to learn in. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Lauren and recommend Blackbird Vocals music school for anyone young or old.

- Laura

I am a student of blackbird vocals and I have been going for a year now. Lauren does such a great job of creating a relaxed and fun environment. She is such a dedicated and passionate teacher with such a broad knowledge and a very versatile teaching style that has worked better than any teacher I have had. I was so nervous to even sing scales in front of her but her fun-loving attitude as well as her passion for music makes finding your voice very easy and fun at the same time. I notice the improvement every lesson and the support and encouragement keeps me motivated to do the best i can every lesson. Strongly encourage anyone who has ever had the dream to be able to sing well, let alone perform because your determination paired with Lauren's amazing teaching abilities WILL help you on the road to achieving your dreams!

- Mel

I enjoy singing with Lauren because she makes everything fun

- Molly

Lauren is caring, attentative and a talented teacher

- Irene and Craig

We find the lessons to be very inspiring, encouraging, educational and of course FUN!

- Ashley and Renee