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General Details

Studied at the Sydney Conservatorium, Studied in Europe, and in the USA/.

Operatic voice lessons. Music Theater singers. Will teach other Music types.

Male teacher.

I have spent many years studying with some of the best.
Bel Canto technique with in depth understanding in the functional aspects of the voice.

Do you want to learn something different that creates results?
Do you think you could sing better than you do?
Do you have Passaggio issues?
Men, learn how to cover and sing those difficult high notes.

SKYPE LESSONS NOW AVAILABLE – A convenient and proven success. A cheaper alternative.

The Objective is vocal efficiency and muscular development. Coordination and balancing of registers. Learn how to breathe and support correctly.

My understanding of the voice allows me to help with Vocal problems and repair. I can help fix wobbles and tremolo.

If you know you can sing better than you do. If you are serious about improving your voice, please SMS me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Willing and Dedicated students only. Vocal level does not matter. I am happy to teach anyone at any level if they are committed.

These details were last updated on January 29, 2019