Voice Lessons

Styles Classical, musical and General
Skill Level Any
Suitability Ages 14 to 50 years
Pricing $80

Operatic voice lessons. Male teacher.

There are many subjective misunderstandings that seem to be inherent in this industry. There are many basic facts about singing that have already been scientifically debunked. Yet, these 'bad habits' are insidious, and they are limiting the progress of many talented individuals.

A simple understanding of anatomy and acoustic help make singing far less confusing and far clearer.

My role will be to develop your voice. I am also interested in teaching you how to understand the manual. I want you to know what you are doing. So you can feel confident in your singing. I want you to deal with issues that will most definitely arise in your career. You can only do this with knowledge.

I do not want you to be led astray by others in your career. Because every Tom, dick, and Harry will tell you how to sing. If you are naive about your singing your voice will be ruined quickly. I want you to understand singing enough that you are able to go forth confidently to teach your own students.

This can only be done with knowledge, not subjective empirical evidence. It has been my goal, and is still my goal to learn all I can to impart objective, intelligent, information.

We will work on;

  • Developing the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the larynx.
  • Isolating them, strengthening them, balancing them, and
    coordinating them.
  • Understanding what resonance really is.
  • Understanding what are constrictive forces and how to create
    vocal efficiency.
  • Understanding the muscular process of breathing and how it
    relates to singing and the concepts of appoggio or support.
  • Understanding the role of the tongue and soft palate.
  • For men, learning how to cover
  • Learning what the difference is between registers and
    sympathetic vibrations.
  • Understanding what to do as you proceed up the scale
  • What are and where are the passaggios in the voice.
  • And more..

Please SMS me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
0416 275 880.

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Sydney, NSW
0416 275 880
North Gosford
6 Stachon Street North Gosford
Gosford, NSW
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