Singing Day

“Today I learned about using your body to sing… and about b-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g! I enjoyed singing as a group and I really enjoyed hearing others sing, and how the feedback improved their performance straight away (and that goes for me too)”.

- - Kirsten (46)

Music Theatre Workshop for Misfits Theatre Group -

"Epic feedback. Loved the energy and they way you explained things".

- - Radhika (18)

Singing Day

“I enjoyed the comfortable environment during the recital. There was also lots of constructive feedback which helped me a lot”.

- - Julianne (13)

Singing Day

“I loved the stuff that helps extend range. I would like to know more about breathing exercises, so maybe I should do lessons. I had a great day, singing with everyone was great fun”.

- - Tony (49)

Singing Day

“Today I enjoyed the harmonies and group singing. In singing lessons I enjoye learning new things and getting the chance to learn some music theory”.

- - Kayte (16)

Singing Day and Lessons -

“I enjoyed the group singing. I also liked when everyone sang and got feedback. In lessons I really enjoy learning new techniques and singing all different types of songs with different ranges”.

- - Elyse (17)

Singing Day and Lessons -

“Today I enjoyed meeting and talking with the other students. They day refreshed my memory about the different things that help me to sing the best that I can e.g grounding myself, using my breath correctly etc.
In Lessons, I enjoy learning how to make the most of my voice as I love singing and want to be the best singer that I can be”.

- - Karen (58)

Singing Day and Lessons -

“I liked singing in front of the people. I like singing because it is fun!”

- - Ava (7)

Thanks for coming along and doing the workshop with us.
I enjoyed all of it. It was great to discuss each song and what was being expressed. Looking at the lyrics and speaking them as a monologue first is a one of the very useful thing I learned from the workshop. Also finding the parts in the song to speak words or pronounce a certain way and find the climax in the song and how to get there.

- - Alana M. (Age 18)

Singing Day

"It was good to learn today about the connection between body movement and vocal projection (or expression)".

- - Michael (68)

"I contacted Paige through her website 4 weeks before my 50th birthday. I wanted to learn to sing and perform a song to my wife on the night of my party. In 7 lessons I went from having never performed in public to doing an ok job on the night debuting in front of 120 friends and relatives.

Having told Paige that I was a blank page and had no idea where to start, she guided me towards my goal with a lot of patience and taught me the skills needed to be confident in attaining my goal.

I would have no problems recommending Paige to anyone starting out as I am or learning new singing skills as she is a talented confident singing teacher with a big future. I will be continuing my lessons with her, as Paige has opened up a whole new world for me and it was fun.

PS: I performed on the night in an Elvis Presley 1970s jumpsuit singing “The wonder of you”.

- - Paul D (50)

Singing Day and Lessons -

“(I liked) singing in front of people. I like singing lessons because they’re so, so, so fun!”

- - Teagan (10)