SingOut singing & performance school

  • Advance Vocal Instructor with the Institute For Vocal Advancement.
  • Certified level 3 speech level singing instructor
  • 16 years of teaching music & singing classes
  • Certificate 4 in Life Coaching with The Coaching Institute and The Life Coaching Academy.
  • Certified in Meta Dynamic with The Coaching Institute
  • Extended DISC consultant.

SingOut Singing and Performance School offers both vocal technique and public performance.

Both Private and Small group classes are offered

Maria Pellicano is a certified level 3 instructor of speech level singing technique, has worked closely with Seth Riggs, world renowned master teacher. Maria is a registered advance member of IVA (Institute for Vocal Advancement).

She is also a certified life coach and NLP practitioner helping students remove or create neuro associations that can help you become a better singer. Maria offers personal development and training in the "MINDSET OF THE SUCCESSFUL SINGER".

All styles from Pop, Jazz, Gospel, theatre, musical and class
Both one on one and small group classes are offered.

Lesson include a diagnoses of the voice and application of specific vocal exercises that assist the voice in developing a balanced mixed sound throughout the vocal range. During the lesson students also develop understanding of how their voice works so that there is more control and strength in vocal production and vocal range. Using both specific vocal exercises and singing songs is used to achieve this.

All lessons are recorded for students to listen back to and repeat exercises.

Several performances at different levels are organised during the year some with live music and also backing tracks, where your confidence and stage presence skills can be developed.

There are also regular rehearsals with the SingOut band so that you can develop your performance in a live band setting.

For the experienced singer Maria Pellicano will coach you for live entertainment, recording and also help you develop your own individual uniqueness and style. Songwriting classes are also available.

Guitar and Piano playing is also offered to singers so that they are able to accompany themselves for performances.

Details last updated: February 12, 2024