Sinuhe Pacheco

The Afro Cuban percussion school is led and directed by percussionist Sinuhe Pacheco.

Sinuhe was born in Santiago, Chile and moved to Australia when he was 6 years of age. Sinuhe started his passion for Afro Cuban Percussion at the age of 17 years. Having a musical background with both his mother and father being guitarists he started taking private lessons on congas which was his favored instrument, and did so for 3 years intensively. After his intense training, Sinuhe further pursued the deep roots of Afro Cuban music and traveled to Cuba twice to study Afro Cuban Popular Percussion courses at the prestigious Superior Institute of Arts in Havana, Cuba. Sinuhe returned for a 3rd time to Cuba receiving a Queen Elizabeth Trust Fund grant to further study both Afro Cuban Folkloric and Popular rhythms for 2 years at the Felix Farella School. Sinuhe while studying at the Felix Farella School also sought private tuition with master percussionists from Havana and also from his travels around the world. Sinuhe is a well-known Afro Cuban Percussionist in Canberra and Sydney having played with some of the best Latin Jazz musicians in Australia.

Afro Cuban rhythms can be applied in many different styles and forms of music including and not limited to, Jazz, Latin, Pop, Blues, Funk, Fusion, Hip Hop, Rock, Rap, Flamenco and many more styles....Anything is possible with Afro Cuban drumming and this demonstrates its great versatility and richness through its heavily syncopated rhythms.

The mission of the Afro Cuban Percussion School is to bring both Popular Afro Cuban Percussion and Afro Cuban Folkloric styles acquired in Cuba and teach these deep rooted rhythms to the wider community in Australia. By teaching these styles both individually and in groups Sinuhe hopes to further develop the standard of music in Australia as well as the knowledge and awareness of Cuban rhythms and the influence these styles have had to music around the world.

Sinuhe is currently offering conga tuition for both individuals and groups starting from May 2016. Please check our website for bookings and course details.

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Travelling in the local area
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