Music Theory Lessons

Skill Level All AMEB levels
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People оftеn ask, "Is music theory necessary?" and "Why do we nеed it?"

Short answer is “Yes, of course!”, and here is why.

Learning to read music is like learning a whole new language. It has its own alphabet, grammar and set of rules and just being able to play music without understanding music theory is like being able to speak a language, but unable to read and write.

At Sonatina, we believe that music theory compliments your practical lessons.

With music theory lessons alongside your practical lessons, you can:

• Learn a whole new language!
• Learn how to sight read well and improve your ability to learn new pieces faster
• Communicate musically with other fellow musicians
• Understand how music is constructed and why it sounds so good
• The musical toolbox to help you compose your own musical creations

The world's greatest composers werе all masters оf music theory: Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, J.S. Bach, to name a few. These composers were experts of the field and had a keen understanding of music theory. Understanding music theory, lead these amazing composers to create those masterpieces that we love so much, and enjoy today.

At Sonatina, we offer one on one and small group theory lessons for students of all ages and levels. AMEB grade and diploma exams available. Our qualified teachers are friendly and passionate about the clockwork of music and work well with students of all ages.

Lessons available at Sonatina Music Studios in Hoppers Crossing and Cairnlea.

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