I love learning the piano from Ari, he is fun teacher and always encourages me to do my best. My favourite thing is using the computer and keyboard to create my own music with lots of different cool sounds and instruments.

- Edwin Zang, 12 y.o.

Ari is an inspirational and encouraging teacher. I really enjoy learning movie soundtracks such as Pirates of the Caribbean and The Dark Knight themes!

- George. N

Ari helped me to successfully complete my Amus Diploma for piano. I felt confident and well prepared going in to the exam.

- Erica Lin

Ari is the perfect balance between friendly and firm. Unlike many teachers, who definitely demonstrate great skill and prowess, but only instill these qualities into their students, Ari, along with this, also focuses on expression, often allowing me to experiment with new ways of playing a piece. I think this is the most important quality a pianist or any musician should embody; the ability to capture and perform their own rendition and interpretation of a piece. Ari has successfully helped me in this and many other aspects important to music.

- Theodore Q.