Stagefront Music & Marshall’s Academy of Modern Vocal

Welcome to Marshall’s Academy of Modern Vocal

At Marshall’s Academy of Modern Vocal, we are committed to developing the vocal and performance potential in every person through a positive, motivational environment, consistent practice, and first-class vocal instruction. For 30 years now, our school continues to offer a well-rounded, individualised curriculum; highly experienced faculty; and a fun, educational atmosphere. Many of our students have gone on to secure their place in the music industry.

Our Mission
We aim to nurture the true vocal potential in every student and allow each vocalist to shine and develop in a unique and individual manner. We believe that every student is special and learns in different ways. We aim to inspire students of all ages, increase self-confidence, develop performance skills and provide quality modern vocal technique to help bring out the best in every voice.

Vocal Training
Our teachers are both, vocal instructors and vocal coaches. We teach the technical aspects of the voice from breath control, support, placement, projection, vocal health, tone development and vocal stamina. We also investigate the many aspects of vocal performance to prepare students for variety of performance needs. Vocal health is important to us at MAMV and we ensure every student is taught to use their voice safely. We offer performance examinations through the Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts (ANZCA).

Our staff are friendly, professional, and dedicated to each student’s personal vocal development.

Details last updated: August 10, 2023