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Stagefront Music

General Details

We are committed to the idea that all students have great potential which can be developed through a positive, motivational environment, consistent practice, and first-rate instruction. Our school offers a well-rounded, thought-out curriculum; experienced faculty; and a fun, educational atmosphere.

Stagefront Music has trained instructors who are friendly, professional, and dedicated to learning about your musical goals and helping you achieve them.

Our mission means empowering students with the tools so their musical voices can shine. In doing so, we help our students reach new heights in their musical goals and build all the problem-solving skills that stem from a love of music. While music-making is always at the heart of the lessons here at Stagefront Music, it is always the individual needs of each student – whether a five-year old beginner, an adult returning to the instrument, or budding artist – that become the focal point of our instruction

These details were last updated on October 1, 2018