Steve Kermode

  • BA
  • WWC

Hello and welcome, I'm Steve and I teach guitar & bass for students of all ages from beginners to advanced. I have 30yrs.+ experience and WWC certified. All lessons are tailored to meet each individual student's abilities & music preferences.
Key areas covered include: learning to read music (optional), basic playing skills chords, fingerpicking, plectrum-picking and strumming. Plus : scales & modes, chord progressions, advanced solo techniques, improvisation and composition.
I provide compilation playlists based on your favourite songs which you can progressively learn to play and also understand the theory behind the music of each song.

Please feel free to contact me for any further enquiries.
Phone Steve : (08) 9306 8113 or 0403 140 807

Happy strumming everyone!

56 Tuart Trail
Edgewater, WA
Also travelling in the local area
(08) 9306 8113 or 0403 140 807


Details last updated on October 26, 2017