Steve WOOD

  • Diploma
  • Musical Director Australian Army Reserve.

I have been a musician for more than 30 years, having worked with and gained experience with many professional, semi-professional, amateur and beginner musicians in a wide variety of ensembles.

I served 22 years in the Australian Army Reserve as a Musician, the last 12 of which I was appointed as Sergeant/Musical Director of my Band. For the last four years I have been conducting Bands and Ensembles, as well as providing Group and Private Tuition to students across a number of Primary and Secondary Government and Non-Government schools.

I am an effective trainer and coach, able to provide and explain concepts and solutions to students at all levels, including beginner musicians, and enjoy new challenges.

During my musical career I have acted as and am experienced in the following:

• Section player;
• Section leader;
• Brass player;
• Brass group leader;
• One-on-one tutor and mentor;
• Group tutor and mentor;
• Concert Band Musical Director;
• Big Band/Jazz Band Musical Director; and
• Drum Major/Marching Band/Drill Instructor

Although my primary instrument is trumpet, I am proficient on a number of Concert Band instruments, having also instructed Australian Army Cadet Band members for one-on-one lessons and section practice, as well as conducted full Band practice sessions.

Of course, I have also been employed by many other organisations in non-musical roles, all of whom are listed below.

I am a company-focussed, team player, dedicated to achieving the best results I can for the benefit of my students, my bands, and of course my employers.

I pride myself on attention to detail and quality of work, am a strong leader, and take ownership and responsibility for tasks within my scope and authority.

I look forward to discussing any employment opportunities at any time.

Sydney, NSW
Travelling in the local area
0408 526 796 or 0414 254 857
5 Lodge Place
Chester Hill, NSW
0408 526 796 or 0414 254 857


Details last updated on November 29, 2016