Steven Makaroff

  • Cert IV Training and Assessment
  • private piano tuition with Alf Townsend et al
  • pedagogy study with Swinburne University @ Bachelor Degree level
  • various teaching
  • psychology and management & training subjects
  • I am currently undertaking professional teacher development for piano performance
  • . . .
  • Learning is one of the most important activities in which humans engage. It is at the very core of the educational process
  • although most of what people learn occurs outside of school. For thousands of years
  • philosophers and psychologists have sought to understand the nature of learning
  • how it occurs
  • and how one person can influence the learning of another person through teaching and similar endeavours. Churchill et al. (2013
  • p. 107) remind us that 'learning is an ambiguous concept'
  • and therefore difficult to define. Lenz Taguchi (2010) highlights the need to embrace the messy complexities of learning.

Studio Building
90 Stoney Creek Road
Beverly Hills, NSW
(02) 9594 5361 or 0423 462 804


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