Suzuki Violin Lessons

Styles Suzuki method
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate
Suitability Ages 3 years and up
Pricing from $28/ 30mins ,$50/ 1 hour

Suzuki Violin Lessons ( Chinese 普通話 and English teaching)

Suzuki qualified violin teacher

10 years teaching experience

Area: Winston hills , Sydney NSW

Teacher: Ellen Liu 0469252530

e mail:

How does Suzuki work?

Dr Suzuki called his teaching method the Mother-Tongue Approach, inspired by the fact that children so effortlessly learn to speak their native tongue. Prompted and encouraged by the parents' love and the family environment, the child responds and develops this most difficult of skills, that of intelligible speech.

When a child learns to speak, the following factors are at work:

Step-by-step mastery
Parental Involvement

In the Suzuki approach each of these principles is used in the learning of an instrument . The mother-tongue approach has successfully been applied to other fields such as art, poetry and mathematics.

0469 252 530

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