Michelle has instilled a professional approach to Olivia's violin tuition. This includes perfecting a piece of technique before moving on. Michelle provided a reconstruction of the basics ie. bow hold, bow stroke etc. Olivia has improved immensely

- Phil - Olivia's father

Chloe has had dramatic improvement in the last 3 years of violin lesson. Michelle, you are very precise in your teaching method!! Chloe obtains her affirmation of posture, movements and positions and many interesting lessons and ways to help improve her. Michelle, you are readily available to help encourage Chloe to stay focused and position in all her lessons! Thank you!

- Sharon - Chloe's mother

Michelle is a very kind and a very good teacher who engages very well with her students. She is patient, has a lot of technical knowledge and is very organised.

- Victoria, age 14 - Ravenswood School for Girls

I choose for my son, Daniel, to learn from the best when it comes to the violin. Michelle is that person - teaching from personal experience. Michelle teaches Daniel according to his learning characteristics. Daniel is not just learning an instrument from her, but beyond.

- Yaoli - Daniel's mother