Sykes Music

Sykes Music is the best way to learn piano. Students love learning because it is so interesting, varied and has such great music. Students learn to read music by a special method developed by Julia Sykes which is easy and very powerful. Sykes Piano includes all styles of music. The Program has been carefully designed to ensure that students progress as quickly as possible. Students learn to arrange music, compose music and play by ear too.

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Ashfield, WA
Contact Sykes Music
(08) 9771 8174 or 0427 804 494
13 Russell Ave
Adamstown Heights, NSW
Contact Jennifer Allen
0414 880 844 or (08) 9771 8174
28 Carine Parade
Coogee, WA
Contact Sykes Music
0422 318 064 or (08) 9771 8174
Perth Suburbs, WA
Contact Sykes Music
(08) 9771 8174
The Quintilian School
46 Quintilian Rd
Mount Claremont, WA
Contact Sykes Music
(08) 9771 8174
Daglish St
Wembley, WA
(08) 9771 8174 or 0427 804 494


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