Takako Haggarty Nishibori

  • M.Ed
  • B.A.

Takako was born in Otsu, Japan. She began studying the Koto under Grand Master Fujino from Ikuta Ryu Miyagi school at six years old.
In 2000, Takako got her teaching license from the head of Miyagi school of Tokyo, coming in the top ten from all of Japan.
Takako gained her Masters of Education Studies at the University of Newcastle in 2005. As a language teacher and performer, she aims to introduce Japanese music to Australian school students by her “learning language through music” program.
After moving to Brisbane, Takako has become a regular performer as both a solo and in various ensembles. Takako has begun to explore new boundaries with the Koto, as she creates a new style fusing Koto with other instruments. Takako will always remain true to the essence of traditional Koto music. “It has to be Koto.” Her challenge has just begun.

Sinnamon Park, QLD
0418 188 347


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