Piano lessons

Styles Ballade, Classical, Jazz, Modern, Pop
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Preparation for A.M.E.B. grades
Suitability Ages 6 years and up

I enjoy teaching and sharing her love for music with students. As a piano teacher I am familiar with different methods of music education including traditional classical and Yamaha approach which is based on multilateral leaning and fun. I am flexible to implement any of them according to her students goals, age, personal interests and qualities. I am satisfied when the students leave the lesson being exited to know what to do and are convinced they can do it. I offer lessons for people of all ages from 6 years old including preparation for VCE, AMEB exams all grades, competitions, festivals and just playing for leisure.Every year I organise the concert, wonderful opportunity for students to play their favourite pieces and experience performing in front of live audience made up of family and friends. Playing and listening to others help to master musicianship of young performers and to learn not only how to play piano, but also to properly understand music stylistically and creatively. My students have achieved excellent results including prizes, awards, scholarships and 100% pass rate for all VCE and AMEB examinations.

34 Pyne Street
Caulfield, VIC
(03) 9532 4620 or 0412 531 056

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Details last updated on February 28, 2015