Vocal Coaching

Styles All
Skill Level Intermediate and Advanced
Suitability Ages 8 years and up
Pricing $88 per hour. $66 per 45 minutes. $44 per 30 minutes.

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I am a self-confessed vocal nerd and my aim is quite simple - vocal freedom.

I equip vocalists and voice users of all ages and levels with the tools needed for optimum vocal function aka vocal freedom. Vocal freedom enables aspiring and professional singers and artists to be more creative due to having more control and choices over their instrument.

After many years of singing lessons with various teachers, I found myself more confused than when I had started. The frustrations and limitations I had with my own singing forced me to seek out more information. I wanted to know HOW and WHY my voice was doing what it was doing. I wanted to have the ability to control it when performing. I wanted to improve my range, change my tone and be more versatile in singing different styles and I wanted to do all of this without the feeling of vocal fatigue.

Through many years ongoing mentoring with various Estill Voice Model Certified Teachers and as a Authorised Instructor of Vocology In Practice (VIP) my approach with my own vocal technique and coaching is based on the ever evolving field of voice science, aka VOCOLOGY with vocal health being a priority. There is nothing more exciting to me than watching my singers and artists go through their vocal and musical journey. ​

If you would love to see what your voice can do then feel free to contact me for your Vocal Assessment.

245 Magill Road
Maylands, SA
(08) 8331 9171

Details last updated on January 4, 2019