Early Childhood Music Classes

Styles Sing, Play, Move- Early Childhood Music
Skill Level Professional
Suitability Ages up to 12 years
Pricing Visit the Website for all pricing- www.themusicalmind.com.au

Experience the joy of music making with your child.
Small group music classes for children and parents.

Prenatal to Primary age.

The Musical Mind endeavours to assist in advancing your child’s development through Music. What better way is there to increase your child’s intelligence through the joyful experience of learning Music. Having created and directed music programs for young children in some of the leading schools in Sydney, Tanya has experienced first hand how Music can be used to achieve excellence in other subjects. Research into neuroscience and music shows that: Through learning music new neural pathways are developed and strengthened…there is no other academic subject that has this effect…accessing more neural pathways in our brain = the ability to access more of our potential.

344 Victoria Road
Thornbury, VIC
0431 425 695

Details last updated on December 30, 2018