Tanya Marshall

I come from a very musical family so could read music before I could read the alphabet. Rhythm and musicality are at the core of how I teach, with a focus on correct technique and a love for music.

I have been playing clarinet for over 30 years and whilst I have played many others (including violin, piano, organ and saxophone) my love is for the clarinet.

I particularly love working with beginners as it is such an exciting time for most musicians and makes my job easier if their technique is correct from the beginning. That given said, I have worked with numerous talented students who have come to me far beyond their peers and seeking assistance to be accepted into a specialist school, yet their technique required work. Whilst challenging for the students, I have been so proud to see them thrive and achieve the success they are seeking.

I have limited availability for new students commencing 2018.

2 Kirkby Ridge Salter Point Wa 6152
Salter Point, WA
71 Thelma Street
Como, WA
Manning, WA
Travelling in the local area


Details last updated: February 3, 2023