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Tara Tucker

African Drumming Djembe

Styles: Traditional Rhythms - Tam Tam Mandingue

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

Pricing: 4-week group course $60 ($15 a lesson); Private Lessons $60/hr

Drum Up Big celebrates cultural diversity by sharing the joy of playing the Djembe, a traditional drum of the Mandingue people of West Africa. We are committed to drumming as a cultural and educational resource and as a means of personal expression. We recognise the positive benefits to well-being that result from connecting with others through the shared experience of drumming.
Drum Up Big is based in Cairns in the spectacular tropical Far North of Queensland, Australia.

Contact us for:

African Drumming Classes (djembe, dunduns)
Team Building Drumming
Drumming Entertainment
Drumming Programs for Young People
Drumming Programs in Remote Communities
Drumming Retreats (‘Beat Camp’)
Drum Sales, Repairs & Advice

Cairns, QLD

Travelling in the local area
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Tel 0432 399 332
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