Tatiana Chudnovskaya

  • Bachelor of Music-Orchestral Soloist and Teacher

A dedicated and professional violinist with 25 years of experience teaching students of all ages, levels, and needs, Tatiana Chudnovskaya has a customized approach to teaching violin technique, musical appreciation, musical development and performance skills at different stages to enable students to progress at their best pace. Students’ repertoires cover a diverse range of works from different eras and styles, covering all AMEB levels, including AMusA and LMusA, and VCE Music Performance. Students not only learn musical skills, but also gain crucial life skills such as concentration, confidence, attention to detail, and determination, which will stay with them for the rest of their life.
Education Background
Attending and graduating from the Odessa State Conservatorium in Ukraine, an elite music academy of which the King of Violin, David Oistrakh, is an alumnus, Tatiana had developed a deep passion for violin. After graduating, she became a teacher at the Conservatorium, and served as a solo violinist for many years. Due to all the work she has put in over the years, Tatiana has become well experienced in violin performance and stage performance.
Professional appointments:
• Concertmaster of Odessa Opera and Ballet (1982-1992)
• First violinist in Melbourne, Adelaide and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestras, Victoria Opera Orchestra, and Australian Chamber Orchestra
• Concert master of Melbourne City Opera Orchestra (10 years) and Concert Master at Melbourne Opera Orchestra (14 years), including leading a tour to Jiang Su Province in China to play at the New Year’s Concerts in 2016
• Has performed varying repertoire including Handel Messiah, Madame Butterfly, Carmen, Rigoletto, Die Fledermaus, and works by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Bizet, Verdi, and Strauss.
Student achievements
• A+ results over all AMEB levels, including AMusA and LMusA Diplomas with Distinction
• High results in VCE Music Performance (Including Perfect Score)
• Music Scholarship Recipients and leading roles in school music ensembles
• Finalists of major music competitions in Victoria, such as Preston Youth Concerto Competition, the Bach Competition (run by Melbourne Recital Centre) and awards at Eisteddfods around Melbourne
拥有25年教学经验的塔蒂亚娜是位专业的小提琴演奏家兼老师。她拥有精湛的演奏技巧,丰富的舞台经验和对音乐的热爱,并将这些都倾注在她的教学之中。针对不同年龄段,不同水平段学生的需要采用灵活的教学方法,因才施教,使学生们不论在小提琴的技巧上,还是对音乐的理解,舞台演奏的经验上都能得到最大程度上的进步。教授范围包看括AMEB初级至AMusA, LMusA, VCE music performance 。学生不仅从中学习到音乐技巧,还有注意力的集中,信心和毅力的培养等让学生终生受益的素质。
塔蒂亚娜1978年于乌克兰敖得萨音乐学院获得学士学位。这所位于乌克兰的著明学府培养了包括小提琴之王大卫•奥伊斯特拉赫在内的多位世界著名音乐家。凭借出色的成绩,塔蒂亚娜毕业后得以留校任教直至移民澳洲。其间曾任敖得萨歌剧及芭蕾乐团的首席小提琴手。之后她与墨尔本交响乐团,维多利亚国家歌剧院,阿得莱德交响乐团,澳大利亚管弦乐团,塔斯马尼亚交响乐团等合作,演出了二十几部各类歌剧和音乐剧。1993年塔蒂亚娜被聘为墨尔本城市歌剧院的首席小提琴,2003年被任命为墨尔本歌剧院的首席小提琴手。带领乐团演出了“蝴蝶夫人”“弄臣”“蝙蝠”“采珠人”“唐璜” “卡门”等,在亨德尔的“弥赛亚”和拉赫犸尼诺夫,柴可夫斯基,贝多芬等交响乐作品中担任独奏。于2016年带团参与江苏新年音乐会及周边地区巡演,并担任独奏。
塔蒂亚娜的学生普遍在AMEB的考试中取得优异的成绩。 部分学生在各级的考试中全部获得A+的结果,并在AMusA, LMusA以Distinction 的成绩通过(维州每年只有2-3个名额)。并有学生在VCE Music Performance 考试中取得满分。在乐器比赛中, 塔蒂亚娜的学生们也取的出色的成绩。包括Eisteddfods,Preston Youth Concerto Competition,Bach Competition 等。并在学校乐团和乐队组合中担任主要角色。

Dingley Village, VIC
1a Sunray Ave
Cheltenham, VIC


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