Tegan Northwood

  • BA Contemporary Music 1993 UNE
  • Globe Sound Healing Certificate level 1 (6 months plus prac & exams)
  • Jonathan Goldman Sound Healing intensive 2009
  • ANATs member

Singing lessons and songwriting coaching - contemporary focus.

Please get in touch via phone or email for address.

  • voice work
  • aural work
  • basic music theory
  • harmony singing
  • songwriting support
  • toning and chakra clearing with your voice
  • preparation for recording and production help

I use Ableton Live (occasionally Logic Pro and Garageband) to work with material and record students. I work on resonance, breathing, your choice of songs, get you used to hearing your own voice, working with a mic, choose technical exercises with you, show you about the scale and chord basis for songs...and help you develop your ears (aurally!).
My rate is $80 an hour teaching from home.

Details last updated: February 29, 2024