The Sita School of Multi-Arts

The Sita School of Multi-Arts has, and continues to, develop some of the finest young artists in Australia.

"The Sita Method", developed by the school's founder Frank Sita, combines a classical and modern approach to instruments, drama and voice. The method emphasizes the cohesive and multi-faceted nature of the art-form being taught in order to help students explore and expand all aspects of their ability and creativity.
Our vocal students are taught to sing from a piano, as opposed to just backing tracks,
preparing them for vocal professionalism and artistic development. 
Our instrument students learn with the basis of classical training combined with contemporary musical genres,
allowing them to play anything from Beethoven to Bowie.

The school has become well-known for encouraging individuality in performance by eliciting the best in each individual, while building a unique and natural sound with tools that will last for the rest of the artist's life. No one student is the same, and thus, each student is taught at their level, thereby ensuring quality improvement.
We, at the Sita School of Multi-Arts are dedicated to bringing out each student’s originality and promoting the highest standard of performance.

Details last updated on August 24, 2017