Thea Woodward

Professional, practising and practicing(!) musician. I have 20 years of music teaching experience; including running a high-school music department for 3 years.

I am passionate about developing my students' abilities across all facets of music; from aural to music-reading; technique to feel.

I have played in orchestras, jazz orchestras, musicals, wind bands, jazz quartets and indi bands.
I have a degree in Music Education (UWA) where I majored in Instrumental Pedagogy (flute); and completed several years of a Jazz Performance (saxophone) degree (WAAPA).

I teach from my home in Wembley. I'm an easy-going, yet vibrant teacher. I'm flexible in my methodolgy; catering to the learning styles/ages of my students; but with a focus on initially building great technique and arual ability. I believe in fostering a love for various styles of music whilst helping them develop the skills to be well-rounded musicians.

Most importantly, I see it as vital that my students enjoy their lessons with me and develop the intrinsic motivation to practise.

Details last updated on November 11, 2021