Thomas Murphy

  • AMEB Piano Grade 8
  • AMEB Musicianship Grade 4
  • HSC Music 1

I’ve loved playing piano since the moment I started. It’s so fulfilling and rewarding to share my passion through a teaching style that is positive and exciting, but also patient and focused on making sure students are confident in their understanding of content.

In 2022, I achieved Grade 8 in Piano Performance and Grade 4 Musicianship, while also completed HSC Music 1. I am an experienced public performer having been involved in school bands and music showcases, while also in theatrical performance and school leadership.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Law/Economics at UNSW, but in my spare time you can find me down at the beach!

171 Doncaster Avenue
Kensington, NSW


Details last updated: May 22, 2023