Tim Flanders

Do YOU want to play the guitar?
Do YOU dream of playing songs YOU love?
Do YOU want the skills to learn almost any song?
Do YOU want to throw away the books and just PLAY?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, you have come to the right place...
My name is Tim Flanders, 31, and I'm a guitar teacher, teaching from Willetton/South Lake, that specialises in learning the guitar in a fun, new and exciting way that produces results, in a much faster process. Some of my students have literally shaved off months, if not years of boring old practice from a book (telling YOU what to do), to learning exciting riffs, and songs that THEY requested, in a very short amount of time...

My approach is simple, and fun right from the very start, and with a guitar, some inspiration, and a little bit of dedication, YOU can be well on YOUR way to be playing songs that you've secretly always wanted to...

Most conventional teachers, always teach straight out of a book, and the student has no real idea of where they want to go, and can often lead to a lack of practice (seeing it as more of a chore), but with my approach, you start with the song, and you will stumble across "TECHNIQUES", as we go. The reason this works so well, is that the student remains interested and engaged through the whole process, and they can't put the guitar down, because it is a song they really love and connect to.
Over the years, this saves so much time and energy, you will KNOW what style you want to play, and you will have "laser sharp" focus with what you need to practice, for YOU!!!

Over the years, I have heard so many reasons/excuses to why people can't learn the guitar, from being too old, or don't have enough time, or their fingers are too small, or too stubby, they're not from a musical family etc etc the list goes on...

I can promise you, no matter your background, education, family history, YOU CAN learn the guitar...Why not try it out, you may surprise yourself!

I am looking for people who love music, who have been thinking about playing guitar, and just never really got started, who DON'T want to go through the grades, and DON'T want to sight-read sheet music, but DO want to learn songs they love and connect to!


16 Shawood Place
Willetton, WA
South Lake, WA


Details last updated: February 13, 2024