Tim Sheppard

  • Percussion Specialist
  • A.Dip.CA(Music)

Tim Sheppard is an established percussionist and drummer who has performed and taught band instruments since living in Sydney in the Seventies. Instrumental Music teaching has been my main source of income since 1994 in Central Queensland. Tim has taught under term time contracts with many of the Primary and Senior Schools and Colleges within the Rockhampton and Yeppoon regions including; St. Brendans', St. Ursulas', The Cathedral College, Farnborough State, St Pauls, St Peters, St Marys, St Josephs, St Andrews and privately from a commercial studio in Yeppon CQ. Although adapted to multi-instrument tuition in these situations Tim is a specialist percussion teacher having performed on Drums, Latin percussion and Orchestral percussion for most of his lifetime career. Tim has created percussion ensembles from schools musicians and has presented them in Festivals in Brisbane and regional Eisteddfods, achieving awards for musicianship and performance. Tim is also an advocate for contemporary Drum Kit examinations and has nominated over 26 young musicians to sit Trinity Guildhall awards from Grade 1 through to Grade 8, each; achieving Merits through to High Distinctions. Tim is currently teaching one day per week in a Cath. Ed primary school as a multi - instrument instructor and Concert Band leader and would desire to increase his weekly workload ....Do you need a Percussion / Drum Kit specialist....please find me.

House/garage Studio
38 Melrose Place
Ferny Grove, QLD
(07) 3351 6826 or 0437 304 992


Details last updated on May 2, 2017