Tim Smith

The VOCAL ALCHEMY method is the result of over 20 years of professional international teaching, lecturing and performing, providing you with wholistic vocal techniques that are proven to work.

You will master contemporary techniques including belt and cry.
Finally understand and use essential classical techniques like resonance and support.
In the section on mix voice, you'll gain real-world, practical skills to control tone and expression in ways you've only ever dreamed!
Learn multiple cross-style singing techniques that are infinitely flexible and powerful in their scope.
The 12 month subscription, gives you the chance to have your singing reviewed with a: Sing for Tim via private upload, Vocal Alchemy will provide feedback on your progress. There is also a trail subscription as well as live masterclasses.
Contemporary singers AND classical singers all benefit from the universal, 'big picture' approach that is Vocal Alchemy.
Integrate you the artist and you the singer as one - more completely than ever before.
Gain limitless vocal control that will empower you to make exactly the sounds you want, when you want.
And all of this part of your singing technique - every time you sing - artistically, safely and dependably. Update! Due to International demand, Tim is now taking Skype lessons, Please email admin@vocalalchemy.com.au for more information.

Brighton, VIC
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