Tim Woods

  • Advanced diploma of music
  • Working with children's Check
  • ad dip music

About teaching method and a little about me

I’m a singer, songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist, who is passionate about teaching and inspiring students to pick up their instrument every day. I grew up in a home full of musical instruments and after I found it curious enough to play guitar, bass and later ukulele, I was hooked on the feeling of learning songs and giving them my own personal touch. I eventually wrote songs of my own, studied an advanced diploma in music and spent most of my life performing on stage, watching my friends and audiences enjoy my music as much as I do.

Recently I’ve been teaching students in primary schools aiming to inspire them as much as I was inspired to play as a kid. I understand that learning to play music creatively with the proper techniques, developing healthy practice routines and setting exciting goals is key to getting the most enjoyment out of playing your instrument. Whether your goal is to play songs at home for yourself or to perform in front of an audience, I can teach you a set of general techniques and styles to become a versatile and dynamic musician.

I currently teach online lessons but before the covid pandemic I was teaching guitar, vocals and ukulele at 3 different primary schools, leading 3 primary school rock bands, running guitar group lessons of up to 15 kids and also teaching 2 adult ukulele groups, which will all continue when it’s safe to do so.


I’ve played and enjoyed all styles of music, though I have a specialty in Jazz, funk, blues and folk music.

Musical database

Through my lessons I offer a catalogue of material available through a dropbox folder for you to access via the cloud. This includes; music songs sheets, instructional videos and backing tracks to play along too. This material is constantly being updated and can be tailored to what you are learning.

Group lessons

Group lessons are quite rewarding, I would suggest friends or siblings for smaller groups (2 to 3) or larger community groups of up to 10.

Individual lessons

Individual lessons are great for tailored lessons specifically to your skill level.

Online Lessons

Online Zoom lessons can be quite effective, or though they are different to in person, they are still worthwhile. I offer an instructional video on the content of the lesson along with the zoom meeting so that we can bypass any streaming issues that may happen.

Qualifications and Certificates

Advanced Dipolma in Music
Current Working with Childrens check


Individual lessons:
30 mins = $35
45 mins = $45
60 mins = $50

Groups lessons up to 3 (per student):
30 mins = $20
60 mins = $30

Groups up to 10 (per student):
60 mins = $10

Wilkinson Street
Reservoir, VIC
Also travelling in the local area


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Details last updated: February 13, 2024