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Tim Yu

General Details

LMusA, Previous Concertmaster of SCSO, Previous Concertmaster of OSSO, Previous Leader of Second Violins in Melbourne University Symphony Orchestra., Recipient of the Paul McDermott Scholarship, Perfect Score and Premiers Award in VCE Music Performance

I am a 19 year old studying my Bachelors of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium under Alice Waten.

I have previously tutored students through examinations up to Diploma level, and have taught at a wide range of ages and skill levels. In turn, I have been taught by several notable violinists of our time such as Mark Mogilevski (First Violinist of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), Alice Waten (Sydney Conservatorium), and Lewis Kaplan (Juilliard School of Music)

Having completed my Licentiate Diploma (LMusA) in 2011, and with almost 15 years of musical experience, I am confident in my ability to teach and guide students through the classical repertory. My teaching will largely be focused on providing a solid technical foundation of playing, which will progress in time to how to use techniques to facilitate and enhance the producing of musical expression. That being said, I am most certainly able to guide students in an exploration of their own personal interpretations and hope to foster a positive relationship between music and violinist that is more than just that of a student playing an instrument.

I also offer specific ‘tutoring’ type lessons and essentially help students with their practice.

After participating in almost 10 years of chamber ensembles and orchestras in performances around the world (China, Europe, America), I am also able to provide insight into the technicalities of group performance, and how to judge one’s own playing in the context of others.

Recent repertoire includes a performance of the whole Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with OSSO, the entire Sibelius Violin Concerto, the whole Ravel Second Sonata and other various pieces by Wieniawski, Bach, and Paganini.

As I am originally Melbourne based, I will only be able to provide lessons during the 8 months that Uni is on (March-June and (August to November). Class times will be flexible and based on my own class schedules.

These details were last updated on September 2, 2017