Toby Wong

  • Diploma of Music
  • 7th Grade AMEB piano
  • 6th grade AMEB Music Theory

My name is Toby and I’m a professional guitar teacher at Thoughtful Musician with a year of experience. I have been an active passionate guitar player and musician for more than 8 years. I've played at many venues with a huge variety of styles ranging from pop, acoustic, fingerpicking, rock, punk & hardcore and much more.

Learning how to play guitar? Great choice! It’s a very popular and versatile instrument, regardless of what music you like listening to, you are most certainly able to play it on guitar. It works equally well as an accompanying, solo or lead instrument.

I provide a FREE trial lesson before you commit,
For Acoustic Guitar, i teach

  • Chords and patterns
  • Strumming and finger picking
  • Songs of your choice
    For Electric Guitar, i teach
  • Power chords, rhythm guitar, lead guitar
  • Scales, Modes, Picking and finger technique
  • Amp settings
  • Songs of your choice

I have learnt guitar from the traditional Grading method for years. I find that it is too tedious for beginners to pick it up or guitar players to advance in learning. After reading, researching and finding the best way for my students to learn, I have started to teach music according to Edwin E. Gordon’s music learning theory, that is, I teach it in the same way as a native language is learned.

In a nutshell, there’s 5 vocabularies like in a language and each provide readiness for the next:

  • listening
  • performing
  • improvisation
  • reading
  • writing

No matter which level you are or you are looking to start out learning guitar, I am able to pick you up and improve the way you play guitar. All ages welcome!

Compared to the traditional music teaching method, my students enjoy the process of learning as much as the inspiring results they achieve. As only one new difficulty is introduced at a time, students learn quickly, smoothly and the range of activities keeps them engaged, helping in the learning process instead of boring theory lessons and practices.

$45/Hour, 5 lessons course
$65/Hour for casual lessons

I am located in Melbourne CBD, next to Southern Cross Station.

Feel free to contact me for more information!
0467 302 170

Details last updated on September 30, 2016