Toni Wei

  • Bachelor of Music (Advanced Performance) Queensland Conservatorium of Music
  • Associate in Music Diploma (AMUSA) - Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB)
  • Theory Grade 6 - Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB)

Thinking of learning the flute, but not sure? Here are some reasons why you may consider getting flute lessons.

  1. Learning a musical instrument involves abstract, relational thinking, and has been shown to significantly improve non-verbal IQ, numeracy and spatial cognition. While this is especially evident in young children, the benefits apply to adults as well.

  2. Research is showing correlation between music and memory. While the reasons are not yet discovered, there have been incidences where music is used to significantly improve the condition of Alzheimer patients.

  3. Performing is a great way to cultivate confidence. The opportunities for learning to express yourself unapologetically in front of audiences is invaluable.

  4. The flute's role in an orchestra is amongst the most musically and artistically satisfying. Unlike the large number of strings, who are essentially given little individual freedom, wind players are given distinct, personal lines. Furthermore, the range and timbre of the flute means that we as flautists get to play melodic, harmonic and rhythmic material, whereas many other instruments are often confined to a very limited role musically (i.e. Tuba).

  5. The flute is really popular for its elegance and beauty. In fact, its long and rich history means learning flute exposes one to many different cultures, eras and genres (everything from German Baroque, to French Impressionistic, all the way to Jazz and Folk)

  6. Learning the Flute involves mastery and control over one of the most essential elements of life and health: the breath.

  7. Learning to play the flute is a pleasure, but it is not always easy. The ability to achieve short and long term goals teaches A LOT about discipline, focus and learning mindsets that the mainstream school curriculum lacks.

And now, a bit about me...

James Carson Scholarship Competition - finalist
Sydney Eisteddfod 25yrs/under flute division - 2nd place
Queensland Flute Guild Diamond Challenge - 1st place
Taiwan’s regionals in Japan’s Classical Music Competition – 2nd place (1st place not awarded)

Alexis Kenny (Principal Flute Queensland Symphony Orchestra)
Wally Hase (Flute Professor at Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt, Weimar)
Johanna Dömötör (Flute Professor at Anton Bruckner University, Linz)
Emily Beynon (Principal flute of Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam)
Aldo Baerton (Principal flute of Royal Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra, Belgium)
Leone Buyse (Flute Professor at Rice University Shepherd School of Music, Texas)
Trevor Wye (Former Professor at Guildhall School of Music, London)
Bjorn Westlund (Principal flute of Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Hamburg)

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Robertson, QLD
0432 859 459
South Bank, QLD
Macgregor, QLD
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