Piano lessons, Cello lessons, Drum lessons, Guitar lessons, Violin lessons, Viol

Group Size Groups of up to 4 participants
Styles Classical, Jazz, Pop, Funk, Contemporary
Skill Level Beginner, intermediate, advanced
Suitability Ages 2 years and up

Our curriculum is infused with imaginative exercises and activities to make music learning a fun and enjoyable experience for children. We tailor our curriculum to the child’s age and learning ability. In our toddlers’ music class, for instance, musical scores are transcribed into numbers that are easy to understand and follow. From preschool onward, students are encouraged to choose their own pieces. Our music teachers guide their progress by customising activities to suit them.

Rosebay, NSW
Travelling in the local area
Contact Andrea
0406 970 479 or 0401 749 896

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Details last updated on May 29, 2020