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Skill Level All Levels
Pricing $65 in total for 3 X 30 minute private lessons. This offers is for a limited time.

We have an amazing introduction offer – $65 in total for 3 X 30 minute private lessons. This offers is for a limited time.

We offer music instruction for all ages and abilities from hobbyist to professional. You will grow as an artist with us and be inspired by our school to reach your goals at your pace.

Have fun with our unique teaching approach where you will be motivated to learn more, excel and build confidence and be guided on your music journey.

Parents we would like you to know that we provide a safe environment for children and have extra security in place to ease your minds. It is critical that all our teachers have a "Working with Children" clearance.

We recognise achievements by encouraging our students to be involved and perform in our monthly concerts and do regular recordings to document their growth as an artist on their music journey.

We have our own stage at the school to perform on, this means students can invite family and friends to see there growth, whilst remaining a completely private school show. We see rapid improvement in our students with this regular performance and recording based goal. Students are more focused and motivated to build self-esteem and confidence. On their music journey students feel rewarded seeing these achievements for their hard work and dedication, making TMMSA a unique school.

We have two outstanding piano and keyboard teachers at Treble Makers Music School Australia that will guide you on your music journey. Sara-Jane also teaches Keytar.
Please see their bios below.


Daniel Tucceri is a talented professional multi-instrumentalist who specializes in the four key rock band instruments; piano, guitar, bass and drums and has been playing for over 17 years. After having formal piano lessons from age thirteen, Daniel was offered a place at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music for a Diploma in Classical Piano. Although Daniel eventually decided to focus on playing contemporary music, he has received tutelage in both classical and jazz from noted pianists Alan Kogosowski and previously Allan Zavod. Both men have been an invaluable influence on Daniel's approach to teaching since he started teaching in 2012. Melbourne's most patient ukelele and guitar instructor
In 2014, Daniel wrote and recorded two solo albums (‘Tempest’ and ‘Impressions of Melbourne’), followed by a classical guitar collaboration (2015’s ‘Solstice’). Both of his solo albums have been volunteered to both the National and Victorian State Library Archives. Included in Daniel's repertoire are masterworks by Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Rodrigo and Debussy. He has recorded on countless albums across a range of genres as a session musician for each of his instruments.
Daniel's live experience has ranged everywhere from playing local pubs, to touring to national festivals and classical concerts. His unconventional and incendiary approach to performances have seen reviews describe him as an "eccentric piano genius" (Alan Bamford) who “decides to push the performance angle into the hellfire zone” (Jon Kromka). Beyond the stage, Tucceri has recorded for soundtracks, charities and the State Library of Victoria's 'Bohemian Melbourne' Exhibition. He is also the current house keyboardist for sessions at Goatsound and Incubator Studios and has performed on ABC Radio and television. His soundtrack for George Gittoes' award winning film 'Snow Monkey' led him to be described by Gittoes as "a new young king of keys". Daniel accompanies Melbourne singer-songwriter Brian Henry Hooper (Beasts of Bourbon) for all live performances and recordings. Previously, he has worked with Mick Harvey (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), Matt 'Skitz' Sanders (Damaged/Gravetemple), JP Shilo (Blackeyed Susans/Hungry Ghosts), Mick Turner (the Dirty Three), Raul Sanchez (Magic Dirt) and Kim Salmon (The Scientists). Outside of recording and teaching, Daniel also curates the Melbourne Drone Orchestra, which is an open ensemble of guitarists working within experimental improvised music. Daniel is endorsed by Wertheim Pianos and proudly uses their Euro Series WE133 Model. (Photo by William Russ, Right Eye Media) Daniel teaches piano, keyboard, guitar, bass guitar and drums and is available for one on one private lessons. The key emphasis is on enjoying the instrument as an outlet for self-expression and enjoyment. Daniel is a firm believer in having a strong work ethic, he encourages the important of practice and forming good habits to help get the best out of learning, but importantly, having fun at the same time. Importantly, Daniel aims to instil the idea of listening to musicians and the world around you being a great way to also learn. Daniel is a dynamic, enthusiastic, supportive and friendly teacher with a wealth of knowledge who can accommodate for all ages, all abilities from hobbyist to professional, all styles and needs.


Sara-Jane Neep is an energetic and driven singer, songwriter, pianist, and music teacher.

She has worked and trained alongside both nationally and internationally acclaimed performing artists and producers. She has been playing and performing professionally in bands for 17 years ranging in all styles from classical to jazz to contemporary styles. Sara-Jane has 3 independent original solo releases under her belt, one of which won her an Arts Tasmania and Triple J amplified award for best contemporary, jazz and/or classical artist of the year.

Sara-Jane studied jazz voice at CQCM (BAJP) before returning to Tasmania to complete her masters (MTEAH). She then recorded her first two independent releases. In 2013 she moved to Melbourne to continue performing, writing, recording and teaching. She is now in the process of writing and producing for her 4th independent solo release.

Through her musical training and experience, Sara-Jane is a highly trained teacher with an academic background who is able to cater to all ages. She covers all learning capabilities from hobbiest to professional. Sara-Jane teaches classical, jazz and contemporary styles.

She is a friendly, patient, supportive and dedicated teacher with a very energetic, positive, upbeat personality. Sara-Jane is excited to be imparting her passion, knowledge and skills in singing, piano, keytar and the music industry to her students.
Her lessons are both driven, focused and fun. She inspires and motivates her students, builds confidence and gives them the tools to achieve their goals to grow as a artist on their own unique music journey.

Sara-Jane is available on Thursday afternoons/evenings.


Nooshin has been playing piano since she was 15 years old and started performing when she was 18 years old. She is a high-energy composer/arranger, conductor, pianist, singer and songwriter.

Nooshin recorded and performed with bands overseas professionally before moving to Australia over 6 years ago. Since then she has been performing in concerts and has composed/arranged music, which includes composing music played by the Melbourne Army Big Band. One piece of music she arranged that she also sung on “Don’t Worry Girl” was nominated for the best music video in the Martini film festival. She has also conducted ensembles and recorded original songs.

Nooshin has also been involved in the Australia film industry having scored music for different film genres including short films, TV shows and animation such as The Sin of Lust (Winner of best vision in the seven deadly sins short film competition). She has also written music for TV commercials and documentaries including Saving Children’s Life’s Unchief TVC.

Since moving to Australia she has completed a Bachelor of Applied Music (composition), a Graduate Diploma of Music and a Masters of Music. (Contemporary practice). She has been teaching for over 11 years and is an experienced educator. She has taught internationally and in Australia as a music teacher to all ages and abilities for 6 years and to students from varying language backgrounds.

Nooshin teaches piano and singing, including popular styles like rock, pop, blues, jazz, classical and contemporary. With her comprehensive knowledge, education skills in music theory, composition, arrangements, conducting and film scoring she can cater for students wanting to learn these skills as well. She teaches all ages and abilities from hobbiest to professional. She is a very outgoing, friendly, warm, engaging and focused teacher. She strives to get the best out of her students, shares her in depth knowledge in the best and easiest way building a great bond with all.

Nooshin communicates with his students to determine exactly what they want to achieve and learn. She motivates and inspires them to aim high, gives students all the tools guidance and resources required to build confidence to grow as an artist on their unique music journey to achieve their goals.

She is a highly trained teacher with experience, knowledge and a wide range of styles that inform the teaching approach. Nooshin is a great mentor.

Nooshin is available on Wednesday afternoon/evenings..


Charlie is a professional UK singer-songwriter, a BMG recording artist who also teaches music through voice/singing, guitar, piano/keyboards, recorder, and flute. Charlie started learning instruments from eight years old and has been working as a professional musician for over twelve years. With a lifelong love for music, he studied music and music technology at the University of Kingston upon the Thames in London. Melbourne's most patient ukelele and guitar instructor
Charlie has continued to grow as a solo performer and has toured professionally through the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. Doing shows and festivals Charlie has supported and gigged with great artists such as Ed Sheeran, Turin Brakes, Nick Harper, Jake Morley, James Gillespie and Blair Dunlop just to name a few. Charlie is a regular on BBC radio in the UK. Charlie has recorded his own albums and just recently completed his latest here in Australia. Charlie has also been involved in many session recordings.
Charlie is now based in Melbourne and we are thrilled to have him on our team. He has been teaching for over five years and he loves to inspire and motivate others. Charlie is available to teach children and adults of all ages, hobbyist to professional with all styles.
Charlie's teaching style is caring, supportive, engaging and fun. He is a very dedicated and passionate teacher with a wealth of knowledge to share. Through private lessons he takes the time to get to know the student and their learning style, curbing the lessons to their specific needs. In beginner lessons you will develop the way you hear music, attaining a basic understanding of music theory whilst developing technique on your instrument of choice. Charlie also encourages students to perform at our monthly concert held at the school when they are ready.
Although learning music can be challenging, his students want to practice, and through his considered guidance and positive reinforcement, he nurtures their individual gift. On their unique musical journey, it's astonishing seeing their talent and confidence grow and they meet their goals.
Charlie is available to teach on Mondays and Tuesdays afternoon/evening and Saturdays.

Tigran is a professional multi-instrumentalist musician, songwriter, composer, producer and audio engineer who has worked with countless artists across Australia during his 11 years of his professional career. With an eclectic multidisciplinary background, Tigran brings together his vast musical knowledge to offer a holistic take on musical tutoring and pedagogy. Tigran has been teaching voice/singing, classical guitar, acoustic/electric guitar, bass guitar piano/keyboard and drums for over 10 years. professional multi-instrumentalist musician

Tigran’s musical journey started at the age of 7 when he was introduced to the classical guitar by his father, who was a hobby classical guitarist. Quickly, his skills grew to quite an advanced level which earned him several #1 prize positions in eisteddfods around Melbourne and greater Victoria. At aged 12, he received a scholarship to study at Victorian College of the Arts Secondary school where he was introduced to contemporary classical music by his new musical mentor, the VCASS head of classical guitar. With a newfound love for surrealist contemporary classical guitar and experimental techniques, Tigran took his talent to win several awards in both age restricted and open age competitions. At age 15, he took up the electric guitar and bass guitar to further develop his musicianship, exploring rock, metal and blues music. At age 17 he started exploring his voice and quickly landed a year-long residency in a Richmond pub, performing original music and cover songs. Having learnt from multiple different disciplines and schools of thought relating to vocal pedagogy, Tigran started crafting a holistic picture of the fundamental building blocks of vocal technique and performance which spans from contemporary jazz and classical to rock and heavy metal, combining elements of anatomy, physiology and acoustic physics.
After struggling to find appropriate drummers for his musical projects, Tigran started drumming himself, dedicating part of his time to drumming in rock groups around Melbourne. After writing, recording and performing in blues rock and progressive rock bands during his late teens and early 20’s that toured locally and nationally Tigran continues to perform, write and record music, do session work and teach music. Tigran also decided to focus on audio engineering and production. To date, Tigran has worked on a number of studio albums as a producer and audio engineer for bands in Melbourne and Adelaide that have helped them reach global critical acclaim and land record deals, tours and high profile supports. Tigran continued his study after being invited to study classical guitar at The Adelaide University Conservatorium for six months.
We are thrilled to have Tigran as part of our team he is a very passionate and dedicated teacher. With a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to share, Tigran is available to teach all styles, children and adults of all ages from hobbyist to professional.
Tigran encourages students to record their growth and perform in our monthly concerts held at the school when they are ready. It is astonishing seeing students talent and confidence grow with Tigran’s unique approach that will guide and assist you to reach your goals, give you the tools to achieve them and make your learning experience inspiring whilst you grow as a artist on your music journey. Tigran also does occasional masterclasses in practically applicable musical fields such as song-writing/composition and vocal technique for singers and performers.
Tigran is available to teach on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays afternoon/evening.

We are extremely proud of our talented, dedicated teaching staff and our welcoming school. Our teachers come from a diverse range of music backgrounds as well as all being professional musicians, having real world experience. They all have a wealth of knowledge, are highly skilled, passionate, enthusiastic and are great mentors all with many years of teaching experience

All our teachers are very friendly, supportive and caring. They will guide you to grow as an artist to reach your goals at your pace and learn the music you want to learn. They offer a fun, creative, engaging, informative and personalised approach, with our one on one lesson’s in an inspiring and encouraging environment. We ensure positive learning experiences and you will learn new skills, reach high levels, and stimulate rhythm, coordination and imagination. Anything is possible to achieve with dedication and practice. Every individual has the capability to succeed.

We also offer music instruction on drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, keytar, vocals, piano and the keyboard for all styles of music. We can also help with VCE/AMEB preparation/higher education studies.

We are located at Level One, 82 Acland St St Kilda, in the heart of St kilda making it easy to get to by public transport of car.
Contact us on 0402512648 or email

We look forward you starting your music journey with us.

Treble Makers Music School Australia
Level One, 82 Acland St
St Kilda, VIC
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