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Trent Bunston

General Details

Trent Bunston’s Violin, Viola and Cello program seeks to promote persistence and discipline in students to encourage them to reach their academic and musical potential. Students are part of the largest primary string program in Melbourne that provides students with the following opportunities:

Private (one-to-one) weekly lessons – taught by experienced teachers that tailor lessons to each student’s abilities and strengths, inspiring students to persist and teaching them to see hard work as a natural part of learning, and failure not as a lack of ability but as an index of what still can be learned.

Termly recitals & school performances – providing students with the opportunity to frequently showcase their developing abilities in front of family and friends, motivating students in their practice and giving them positive performance experiences.

Semesterly regional orchestral workshops – students are prepared and given access to the largest string orchestral opportunities available in Melbourne.

Chamber orchestras and quartets – top performing students are recruited by private companies who organise paid performance opportunities for participants around Melbourne. Students are built a video portfolio of performances for scholarship and orchestral application purposes.

All lessons are private (one-to-one), starting at $20 per lesson. All instruments used by students are bought and sold second hand, making purchasing a high quality instrument suited to learners as affordable as possible. Please contact for further information: 0413 207 689

These details were last updated on June 29, 2018