Trent Bunston

Trent Bunston runs a string instrument specialist program providing students with paid opportunities to perform and teach. Too often students stop playing after the age of 18 due to a lack of further opportunities. We intend to see all those hours of practice utilised through motivating students to work towards teaching and performing at a professional level.


Termly Recitals
Students are provided with the opportunity to showcase their developing abilities in front of an audience, motivating students in their practice and giving them positive performance experiences.

Students are prepared and given access to the largest string orchestral opportunities available in Melbourne. Top performing students are recruited for paid performance opportunities at weddings and corporate events.

Technical & Theory Exams
Termly exams motivating students to comprehensively develop in all areas of their playing and knowledge.

Teacher Mentoring
Students are strategically developed in their communication, initiative, organisational skills, business skills and their ability to inspire and motivate students. Teacher mentoring is designed to prepare students to become competent teachers, but also develop their personal skills and prepare them for all future careers.

All lessons are private (one-to-one), starting at $20 per lesson. All instruments used by students are bought and sold second hand, making purchasing a high quality instrument suited to learners as affordable as possible. Please contact for further information: 0413 207 689

Details last updated on July 8, 2019