Trish Tran


I am a passionate young violinist, offering violin lessons to motivated students. I am a classically trained violinist, with 4 years of experienced teaching, and 14 years of experience playing who has archived high distinctions in my AMEB training, and I am looking to pass on my knowledge to bright and enthusiastic students.

I am able to help and teach students of all ages, beginner to intermediate, to play their favourite piece of music whether it’s their favourite movie theme, pop song, concerto or dream piece of music. I highly encourage my students to connect with the music and to have fun!

I provide quality lessons and am dedicated to guiding my students in the best direction of their musical studies, to learning music for fun, for exams or for personal development. I offer violin tuition in areas either in private violin tutoring, as well as teaching in other music studios and private schools.

If you would like to meet me, book a violin lesson and check availability, please contact me for further questions or enquiries.


Green Valley, NSW


Details last updated: February 9, 2024