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Troy Aaron

General Details

Sound Healing in Groups, multi Instrumentalist for over 10 years, Didgeridoo Player

Over the years, I have sat for hours many many times, playing guitar, Irish Whistle, Flute, Didgeridoo, and singing deriving great pleasure and personal healing from doing so.

After learning several instruments myself, I am passionate about assisting others to learn instruments so they can access them as a form of self expression and enjoyment as I did.

The main instruments I teacher are:-

- Didgeridoo, – Native American Flute, & – Tin Whistle (Irish) – Voice

Essentially though, I will hold space for anyone who wishes to explore their relationship with sound and music, with a view to being more active in this area.

I actually own and play many instruments, including – Violin – Medicine Drum, – Xylophone, – Guitar, – Various Percussion, – etc.

One thing that seems to work is for adults and children who aren’t sure what kind of instruments they like, to come in and just have a play on all the instruments and see what they are naturally drawn to.

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