Didgeridoo Lessons

Styles Circular Breathing, Rythm, Animal Noises
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Pricing $80 for one hour lesson

The Didgeridoo - A Sacred Healing Instrument
The didgeridoo, when played or listened to, can connect one to deeper aspects of self, steeped in our own tribal heritage as a race.

This can be a very healing and expansive experience and indeed it is common for the instrument to be played over the top of a person for the purposes of healing.    

# 1 road block to learning Didgeridoo
There are thousands of Didgeridoo’s in homes all around the world.  The sad fact is that most of those instruments do not get played because the owner cannot get over the hump of learning Circular Breathing.

Learn Circular Breathing FAST
Learn Circular Breathing inside 3 lessons, with a specially developed process to allow your brain to more easily adopt this potentially challenging breathing action.

If you've tried and failed the straw in the water, or any other methods on YouTube etc, take heart, that many of my successful students have come for lessons after trying these same things first.

Learning to Play the Didgeridoo  with Aaron

Aaron’s method of teaching the didgeridoo assists you to:

  • Ensure you are playing a didgeridoo that suits your level
  • Circular Breath in simple, easy to understand steps,
  • Reinforce and support you whilst learning Circular Breathing (2-4 Lessons)
  • Teaches you rythms and animal noises once you have mastered Circular Breathing.

Most students take 3-4 lessons to master the breathing.

Lessons are spaced out at 2 week intervals to give you time to practice and integrate the technique.

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Yandina Creek, QLD
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Brisbane, QLD
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